1. General –Ski Network are not at any point acting in loco parentis for any of its clients. Each client is responsible for their own well-being. Whilst the trip remains a holiday, each client should be cognisant that they travel with other professionals and colleagues and therefore should conduct themselves in an appropriate fashion.
  2. Behaviour – Ski Network do not accept responsibility for a passenger should they become reckless, careless, or heavily intoxicated. We reserve the right to terminate the holiday of any passenger at any point in the event of unacceptable conduct which may cause damage, distress, danger, personal risk or severe annoyance to themselves, other passengers, employees, suppliers, property, or any third party. Our holiday responsibilities for any such passenger(s) then cease, the perpetrators of any damage will be responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement and we will be under no obligation for any refund, compensation or loss which you or your group may incur.
  3. Drugs– Ski Network operates a zero-tolerance policy to all those who are found in possession of illegal drugs. Any such persons will be reported to the relevant authorities and their holiday will be terminated. This applies to any substance or practice which is illegal either in the United Kingdom or in your country of destination, even if the substance or practice is not illegal in the country in which it is found by Ski Network staff.  Any person found to be severely intoxicated, whether by illegal or legal drugs, or alcohol, will not be permitted to attend organised events or activities, and no compensation or refund will be provided.
  4. Transport - You must at all times observe and follow the rules and regulations set out by NUCO Travel and its transport operators. You must be sat down with your seat belt on at all times while travelling on board any coach. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted at any time while on board any coach or transfer vehicle. If when arriving to either the transfer vehicle you are perceived to be drunk you will not be allowed to board.
  5. Residences- Ski Network and its guests do not have exclusive use of any residences or hotels. Therefore, clients are expected to be respectful of other guests and refrain from any anti-social behaviour or noise at inappropriate times. Clients are reminded that it is French Law that, when in holiday accommodation, all tourists must remain quiet between the hours of 2200 and 0800.
  6. Damage Deposit– A damage deposit is taken by NUCO to cover the costs of any breakages or end-of-stay cleaning. When vacating rooms, they must be cleaned and left in the same state as you were given them. Clients who look after their apartments are highly unlikely to lose their deposits and only, in a handful of exceptional circumstances, have clients not had their deposits returned in the past. Ski Network recommends earmarking some time on the final evening of the trip to tidy up the apartment.


  1. Accommodation -We have carefully selected all of the resorts and accommodation on the basis they are suitable for our clients. However, we do not have the opportunity to verify each and every room is to an equivalent standard. In the event that a room is not to the same standard as other rooms, we will do our best to find an appropriate alternative room within the accommodation. If a change is not possible, then we will be unable to offer any compensation or refunds.
  2. Airport Transfers – Ski Network work with NUCO to select the best airport transfer provider for the trip. This is a balance between cost and service. We have strategies in place to minimise the risk of disruption to transfers, however, we recognise that there are circumstances beyond the control of Ski Network or NUCO Travel. Even with the best of planning, we cannot account for any traffic accidents or weather problems etc resulting in delay. In the event of any issues, Ski Network and NUCO Travel will do their best to keep clients up-to-date and informed with appropriate information. However, this information can only be relayed if the information is provided to us by the transfer operators. Should there be any issues, as per the NUCO Travel terms and conditions, they will hold the travel company to account for any perceived drop in expected service.

NUCO Travel Terms and Conditions

Ski Network and its clients are expected to abide by the NUCO Travel Terms and Conditions. The Ski Network Conditions of the Trip are to provide guidance to clients. In the event of any disagreements, the NUCO Travel Terms and Conditions will take precedence.