I have never skied before, can I still come?

Of course! We welcome skiers and boarders of all levels. We have a large number of beginners on our trips each year. We provide lessons as an option when booking, which are highly recommended for beginners.

Not only will it help you get the most out of your time on the slopes, but you’ll be learning with other people on the trip too. If you’re the only beginner in your group of friends, it’s not an issue, as there will be plenty of other people on the trip for you to ski and board with.

I am an advanced skier, is this trip right for me? 

Absolutely! Our trips cater for all levels and interests. We arrange advanced two day workshops covering both on and off-piste terrain. For the more adventurous, we also arrange heli-skiing where guides lead the group through untouched lines to the bottom, where they are rewarded with a glass of bubbles and heli flight back to resort.

I do not know anyone on the trip, can I still come?

Yes. Every year we have people joining us who don’t know anyone – it’s a great opportunity to meet new, like-minded people and make friends. You'll be sharing an apartment with a small group, which is a great starting point to get settled, then over the course of the week and at the many events, you'll get a chance to know the broader group.

Let us know if you’re coming on the trip solo and we’ll make sure we introduce you to people with similar interestes.

Can I come on the trip if I am not based in the UK? 

Yes. We provide transfers from Geneva airport. Alternatively, you may make your own way to the resort.

What is the age range of people that come on the trip? 

People of all ages are welcome, although the majority of those attending our trips are aged 22 – 35.

What are the opportunities to socialize? 

There are many events organised throughout the week. Past examples include fancy dress nights, live music, après-ski and the infamous ‘meal on the mountain’.

We run a ‘Meet & Ski’ on the first morning each year, for those looking to find skiers and boarders of similar ability. Beginners will meet people at lessons and those that take on the more challenging group activities will also meet those of a similar level.

How do I bring a group on the next Ski Network trip? 

Please get in touch via our contact page, outlining your name, phone number, email and company name. A member of our team will get in touch with you.

I have a friend and/or other half that is looking to join us on the trip but doesn’t work for a technology or consulting vendor. Is this allowed?

Yes, it is. We often have friends and partners join the trip. They are just as welcome.

Can I bring my own equipment? 

Yes, please feel free to bring your own skis, boards or boots. If you don't have any, you can rent anything you need.

Do I need insurance? 

We recommend that everyone who comes on the trip has insurance. You can book insurance as part of booking the trip itself, or you can buy it separately from an independent provider. Check the T&Cs of your policy to understand what is and is not covered.

Do I need a helmet?

We recommend that you wear a helmet, though it is not compulsory. The overwhelming majority of people on the slopes wear helmets, including the Ski Network team.

What is the accommodation like? 

Our recommended accommodation is always to a standard we feel is suitable for younger professionals. Guests stay in apartments, accommodating between four to twelve guests, depending on resort. Each apartment has a suitable number of bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. For our premium option and above, apartments are always kept at 'under occupancy', so that the living room is always available for guests to relax in.

Will I be sharing? 

Prior to the trip, we go through a two stage accommodation process that allows you to pick which guests you will share an apartment with. Each apartment is comprised of bedrooms with two single beds, and guests are expected to share. In the event that sharing is unsuitable, please contact info@skinetwork.co.uk to discuss.

Still have questions?

Submit your question via the contact us page.